Thank You From The Founder!

IAP is very excited and proud to celebrate 20 years of providing families and entrepreneurswith expertise in asset management as well as withindependent wealthservices as trustee and company directors.  

To our Clients:

Each of our clients are different — they have varying backgrounds, circumstances, needs, and objectives. We are honoured to have so many loyal customers. We will continue to work hard to deliver the best customer service every single day and to develop strong partnerships based on trust, transparency, and honesty. 

To our Partners:

We work together with financial advisors, tax consultants, lawyers, custodian banks, tech companies, etc. Teaming up with the right partners plays a vital role in the success of our business. Thanks to our various partners, we have built a strong operational platform with sound infrastructure and a robust compliance framework. We have also implemented comprehensive digital wealth management solutions for our clients. 

To our Team Members:

We could not have come this far without the loyal support and hard work of each staff member at IAP. Luckily, I am surrounded by people who share the same values and principles and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with skilled, passionate, and reliable team members. Together, we can look forward to an exciting future!

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