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Referrals are an integral part of our business. We are teaming up with many investment advisors worldwide who want to make our services available to their clients. With a view of the challenging regulatory environment in Switzerland most particular the FinSA and FinIA that have come into force on 1 January 2020, IAP also welcomes other External Asset Managers to join forces so their clients can continue to enjoy independent financial services from IAP’s platform. We have built a sound infrastructure and robust compliance framework which facilitates the administration and regulatory work.

In addition, IAP delivers holistic family office solutions to wealthy families and private individuals. Families do not need to build their own operations from scratch and can use the expertise and infrastructure developed by us. As an independent professional services company, IAP can provide without any loss of privacy a variety of family office services and assists with the structuring, protection and management of the client’s worldwide wealth, the purchase or sale of assets of all kinds, philanthropic activities and the handling of administrative task.

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