Corporate Secretarial & Entity Administration Services

Company Formation and Administration

Together with lawyers and tax advisors we provide holistic company administration services for companies operating in the field of trading, consultancy, financial transactions, patent and license exploitation, investing in and holding of participations, real estate, agricultures. Our company administration practice spans over legal, company management, corporate secretarial, banking support, accounting and tax services. IAP can undertake the incorporation of Swiss companies as well as entities in offshore jurisdictions. The most favourable jurisdiction for the clients’ particular business activities depend on his needs and circumstances. IAP provides all related administrative duties and can advice clients with making the right choice of jurisdiction and legal entity.

The benefits of our services are as follows:

  • Tax and costs can be contained.
  • Assets can be protected.
  • Privacy is maintained.
  • Level of bureaucracy will stay in a reasonable range.

The process to register an offshore company is straightforward. We can provide the client name suggestions for the company name. Alternatively, the client can send us a list with names of shelf companies. The formation process will take approximately 3-4 days for a shelf company and around 6-7 days should the client have a desired company name. The expected time to receive all original and apostilled documents is around two weeks.

Corporate & Secretarial Services

IAP also offers professional company secretaries and directors for companies. Our Directors and Officers have many years of experience in corporate governance ensuring that the clients are fully compliant and in a good legal standing. As a family business continuity will be assured. The services among other include the following:

  • Registration and appointment of directors or officers with the relevant authorities, banks and other institutions.
  • Holding of formal board meetings and documenting the decisions made at those meetings e.g. minutes and other reports.
  • Review of financial accounts and business transactions.
  • Maintenance of statutory records.
  • Assistance in opening bank accounts and bank management.

Real Estate and Property Services

Our company is able to support and advise clients with particular demand for real estates worldwide. We have a valuable portfolio network relating to residential and commercial property investments and assist the client to structure and optimize the transaction. We can also connect the client with our partners who will conduct due diligence, legal, tax and property management services. Among others, IAP will provide banking and financial support as well as rent collection services and file tax returns.


IAP is able to provide a wide range of accounting services for companies including the preparation and maintenance of accounting records, management accounts, unaudited financial statements and audited annual accounts (where required) as well as the handling of general commercial documents such as L/C documentation, banking and shipping documents.

IAP can also introduce tax experts and help to furnish tax reports to its clients together with its custodian banks and leading tax specialists.

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