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IAP provides independent financial advice and bespoke solutions for entrepreneurs, executives, families and individuals.

IAP is a privately owned company based in Zurich, Switzerland. We are a trusted advisor, gatekeeper and independent provider of services and solutions for investment, wealth management, corporate and trust services.

At IAP we help our clients to ask the right questions and work with them to find the right solution.

Each of our clients are different with varying backgrounds, circumstances, needs and objectives. Understanding the specific requirements of our clients allows us to accompany them through the different stages of their lives. IAP offer structured solutions to clients seeking to protect and enhance their wealth in a stable and discreet environment. We partner with leading international banks and experts from around the world.

Many heads of families face sleepless nights due to business challenges or lacking of a succession plan. We can help in both situations.

IAP focuses on developing strong partnerships with clients based on trust, transparency and honesty. We aim to go beyond the typical client-advisor relationship, aligning our interests with your own to support your life ambitions. This long term approach affords us a highly comprehensive view of your plans, putting us in the best position to offer you the most effective solutions.

Looking for an independent and trusted lifetime partner?

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Our History

Since 1999, when a commercial and a private banker came together and founded IAP, clients have been benefiting from this symbiotic relationship and from the expertise within the company, particularly in terms of wealth management and commercial banking. In subsequent years IAP has gained considerable expertise to provide a broad range of fiduciary services. Until today, the integrated service offering enables IAP to respond to the specific needs of private clients, family offices as well as entrepreneurs and corporate clients worldwide.

Our Philosophy

Our professionalism has earned us deep trust from clients. As such, IAP have built its business mostly through client referrals. Through strong customer relationships, we can build trust with our customers and earn their referral. If clients recommend our service, and we do not deliver, our customers will have their reputation damaged too. It is important to follow our most important philosophy which always put the benefits, satisfaction and needs of our clients on top. We continue to work hard every day to ensure that we provide a high and consistent quality of service

Our Vision

Our company intends to become our clients’ independent and trusted lifetime partner and establish long-term relationships that will be passed on from generation to generation."

Don’t know where to invest?

IAP can help choosing investments using a wide range of assets and can offer advice on the suitability of any investments, strategies and allocations where desired. Selecting and managing the investments would require a degree of time and expertise which is not available to the vast majority of private investors. IAP can actively manage the investments on behalf of our clients and decide how the money is best allocated across the international markets to achieve the client’s investment objectives and ensure broad diversification. IAP is completely independent from all banks and agents.

Need a structure for an investment?

We can advise on how the investments should be legally owned. There are a number of different ownership structures available and one structure may be more suitable depending on the particular circumstances. We will select an appropriate legal structure which could entail personal, company or trust ownership. Often, above structures are combined in many ways in order to ensure tax effectiveness, protection of assets, estate planning and delegation of control.

Do you have a succession plan?

Trusts and most particular discretionary trusts are very useful vehicles which can assist greatly in succession planning. Trusts have existed in common law countries for centuries and have evolved into very efficient vehicles to achieve a variety of wealth management and succession planning goals. With a letter of wishes a settlor can provide direction and guidance of his or her desire.

Looking for a reliable partner?

IAP is a privately owned, independent provider of services and solutions for investment, wealth management, corporate and trust services with offices in Switzerland. We are highly committed to quality, integrity and confidentiality and all our staff consistently strives to excel in the level of service we offer to our customers.

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